CONSERVATIVE MSP Oliver Mundell was asked to leave the Holyrood debating chamber after he refused to apologise for saying Nicola Sturgeon lied to parliament.

Mr Mundell pointed to comments made by the First Minister realting to the investigation into the Scottish Government's botched handling of harrassement complaints against Alex Salmond - before insisting that Ms Sturgeon "lied" to parliament when she committed to be fully compliant.

Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh asked the Tory MSP to apologise for accusing the First Minister of lying, but he refused, saying that "in this case I do feel it’s the appropriate word and I can’t find anything else that would express the sentiment."

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Mr Macintosh gave Mr Mundell another opportunity to withdraw the remark, but again refused - leading to him to be ejected from the chamber.

Commenting after being ejected, Mr Mundell said: "Nicola Sturgeon repeatedly told the Scottish Parliament, over and over again, that she would ‘co-operate fully’ with the inquiry and ‘provide whatever material’ was necessary.

“So unless the First Minister provides whatever material the Salmond inquiry requests, as she promised, then she has plainly lied to Parliament."  

He added: “Even the SNP MSP in charge of the committee, Linda Fabiani, has accused her own party leader and the SNP government of obstruction.

“Key documents must be released or the Scottish public will never get answers about what happened and how £500,000 of public money was wasted.”